TARDIS Contest: 2 days left!

Have you made your guess of how many TARDISes I have? Here’s one: Don’t forget to submit your guess by this Friday night to win a book of your choice from the Steel Empires series! For more information about this contest, check out the initial blog post.

Contest announcement: Win a book from the Steel Empires series

While writing up a post for Speculative Chic last month regarding My Favorite Things, of course I had to include my favorite mode of travel through time and space: the TARDIS. While I consider myself a general fan of the television show it’s from, Doctor Who, I’ve been in love with this blue police boxContinue reading “Contest announcement: Win a book from the Steel Empires series”

New Book Excerpt: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #3

Happy book birthday to the third book in the Steel Empires series! Steel Blood features the continuing adventures of Victory and Mikelos, who couldn’t quite manage to stay safe at home while their kids were off having adventures in Steel Magic. Today, the book is now officially available in hardcopy and ebook form from the following retailers:Continue reading “New Book Excerpt: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #3”

State of the Empires at Raw Dog Screaming Press: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #2

For day 2 of the Steel Blood blog tour, I visited the Raw Dog Screaming Press blog for the first annual State of the Empires! Here’s a short excerpt: In the past few months, since the official announcement of Steel Blood, people keep congratulating me on finishing my book trilogy. While many fantasy series do typically comeContinue reading “State of the Empires at Raw Dog Screaming Press: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #2”

Cara Recommends…me!

Today, my books were highlighted in a monthly feature by author Cara McKinnon, where she recommends other works that her readers might enjoy. I’m incredibly honored to be in such company as Martha Wells. Cara talks a little bit about what she enjoys about my books, and provides lovely little summaries about each book inContinue reading “Cara Recommends…me!”

Special Mid-Month Update!

I come bearing excellent news! But first, a little bit of background. After Steel Victory was accepted for publication and I received my publisher’s blessing to create a series with that world, I gave myself a goal. The next book in the series would be delivered to my editor by the time the previous novel was published.Continue reading “Special Mid-Month Update!”

Participants needed for STEEL BLOOD blog tour this July

Are you a book blogger and/or reviewer? Would you like to be part of a blog tour this summer to promote the next book in the Steel Empires series, Steel Blood? Please use this Google form (no registration required) to submit your contact information, availability, and interest in the following: Spotlight (book and author info)Continue reading “Participants needed for STEEL BLOOD blog tour this July”

April Wrap-Up & May Goals

You know that saying, about how the best way to get something done is to ask a busy person? Yeah, apparently I need to be that busy person. Did I get everything done that I set out to do this month? Nope. But I did a bunch of other cool things, like see my littleContinue reading “April Wrap-Up & May Goals”

STEEL BLOOD cover reveal contest announced!

The amazing cover artist for the Steel Empires series, Brad Sharp, did such a fantastic (fang-tastic?) job on the cover for Steel Blood that my publishers and I couldn’t decide between them! So we’re leaving it up to all of you with a vote. Head over to Raw Dog Screaming Press’ website to choose your favoriteContinue reading “STEEL BLOOD cover reveal contest announced!”