SteelVictoryARC_cov.inddAs promised, the husband and I shared a delicious meal of Indian food in front of the TV last night to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We watched another few episodes of The Grand Tour and then went to bed early.

Today actually marks 8 years since we officially started dating! Not because of the holiday, but because in 2009 I had agreed to pick him up from the airport after a 2-week class in California, and he had a Valentine’s Day bouquet delivered to my apartment that morning as a thank you.

But you’re not here for my sappy love story. You’re here for the much more interesting one between Victory and Mikelos, who were introduced in Steel Victory. Vampire and daywalker will return for their own adventure this summer in Steel Empires #3: Steel Blood, but for now, here’s some backstory and behind-the-scenes info to tide you over.

How and why did they meet?

After the drama (and trauma) of the Last War, Victory settled in Limani with her progeny Jarimis. She helped Jarimis’ daywalker open a bar, supporting Allesdandra’s dream. One day, in walks a human man she recognized from back in Europa, a former concert violinist.

For 200 years, Mikelos had lived as the daywalker to his musical partner, the vampire and cellist Connor. When Connor disappears without a trace, he leaves his old life behind, escaping into anonymity in Limani. Or so he thinks.

When Mikelos is mortally wounded defending Allesandra, Victory turns him back into a daywalker to save his life.

The full tale is told in my short story “The Reluctant Master,” which is currently looking for a good home.

What were their first impressions of each other?

Victory pitied Mikelos. She had never taken a daywalker because the idea of tying herself to closely to someone scared her. The idea of losing that connection terrified her even more.

Mikelos feared Victory. Both because of the constant reminder of the vampire brother he’d already lost, but also because Victory could expose his true identity.

How would they prove their love for each other?

The vampire-daywalker connection came first. Love came after, sneaking up on them like a cat in the night, until one day neither could imagine life without the other.

What would be an ideal date?

A double-feature at Limani’s movie theater (preferably one British comedy and one Roman action-drama), followed by drinks at the bar across the street, then coming home to an empty house (no kids, no Asaron).

Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Victory: *rocks out to heavy metal while kicking the crap out of a heavy bag*
Mikelos: *bursts into room* What the hell is this noise?!

List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something…)

  1. Victory doesn’t eat solid food (other than an occasional taste), but will drink tea like water.
  2. Mikelos grew up on the streets of Roma, and still has occasional food hoarding tendencies 300 years later.
  3. Victory and her sire Asaron only drink beer when they’re together. Neither of them have ever discussed this.
  4. Mikelos prefers savory to sweet, and never acquired a taste for chocolate.
  5. Mikelos does, however, think buttered popcorn is the best invention every made.

What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

Victory knows that Mikelos disappears for a day about once a year to play his half of Connor’s duet compositions.

Mikelos knows that Victory stills feel guilty about not doing more to search for Jarimis after his disappearance.

What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

Mikelos does not know that Victory’s prior life as a mercenary included some darker deeds than she’s comfortable sharing with him.

Victory does not know that Mikelos resists learning combat skills because he’s afraid of what might happen to their family if all of them think like fighters first.

How would their lives be different without each other?

Mikelos would have eventually died of old age, if he didn’t succumb to his depression in some other self-destructive fashion first. Victory might never have stepped up to become Limani’s Master of the City.

Where do they each see this relationship going?

After almost a century, their dedication to each other is pretty infallible. They know that in the long-term, they’ll both need to support each other as their children eventually age and die.

Blog concept originated by Paper Fury’s Beautiful People Meme, Couples Edition.

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