Happy Independence Day to everyone else to who lives in the United States! (Please don’t blow yourself up.)

Or, if you live in the old country:

treason day

Today, I’m still enjoying my beach-side view for a final day in the company of my awesome husband. I think there are brunch plans in my immediate future.

If you are not having brunch today (or even if you are), make sure to take a few moments to stop by the online home of YA paranormal author Jessica Knauss to check out my interview with Steel Magic protagonist Toria Connor! It’s a little bit weird to interview someone who is functionally part of my brain. But that’s the cool part about being a writer. Imaginary friends become totally acceptable! Here’s a small taste:

Your mom is a vampire? What is the rest of your family like?

Just as epic. Grandpa is also a vampire. He found me as a baby after my parents died, but didn’t really want the responsibility of a kid, so he took me to his progeny. Mama also had no interest in a kid, but that’s where Dad stepped in. He’s a daywalker—a human bonded to my mom, which grants him long life, too. Kane, the guy I consider my brother, is my partner in all things magic and mercenary, since we’re a bonded warrior-mage pair. And Syri, my best friend, is an elf. We’re definitely not a normal bunch around the dinner table. Especially since it’s breakfast for half of them.

Click on the link above for the rest of the interview!

If you’re not yet familiar with Toria, make sure you take advantage of the 99 cent sale currently going on for book 1 in the Steel Empires series, Steel Victory!

And don’t forget to stay current with Toria’s adventures by pre-ordering Steel Magic, available this Wednesday!

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