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Chronological order of stories set in the shared world of my Steel Empires (urban fantasy) and Steel Bonds (paranormal romance) series.

“The Reluctant Master”

Bonus content available in the revised edition of Steel Victory or as a free download

“The Job”

[under contract]

“First Spark”

[out of print — originally published in Far Worlds]

Steel Victory

Steel Empires Book 1

Steel Magic

Steel Empires Book 2

Earth and Water

Steel Bonds Book 1 (estimated release date January 2024)

Steel Blood

Steel Empires Book 3

Steel Time

Steel Empires Book 4

Steel Shadows

Steel Empires Book 5

Steel Justice

Steel Empires Book 6

Steel Legacy

Steel Empires Book 7 (estimated release date 2024)

Blood and Ink

Steel Bonds Book 2 (estimated release date 2024)

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