rdsp2017I had a very good, low-key January that also included some major news and accomplishments. First of all, I’m excited to announce that Steel Empires #3: Steel Blood will be released July 2017 from Raw Dog Screaming Press, along with a full slate of other amazing books. Want to know what Victory has been up to during the events of Steel Magic, while Toria and Kane have been mucking things up in Europa? My tag line for the next one is “Romeo and Juliet with werewolves and weredragons…with bonus feminism.” Who in their right mind cast Victory as Nurse? Oh…that’d be me.

January Wrap-Up:

  • The other good news: I finished the first draft of Steel Time! It clocked it an an astounding 105,951 words, which is waaaaaaay over my publisher’s word limit. Lots of work still to be done.
  • Because it’s so long, I’m still working on the first round of revisions before I can send it to my beta readers. I’m about halfway done, and it’s already down to 99,927 words.
  • On the plus side, I’ve been getting some reading done and I’m keeping up to date on my book reviews!

Ack! The series is over halfway done!

January Book Reviews:

Currently reading: A Theft of Magic (Fay of Skye #2) by Cara McKinnon

January Speculative Chic Contributions:

February Goals:

  1. Finish the first revision pass of Steel Time and send it off to my beta readers.
  2. February 11, 2016: Book signing at AWP in Washington, DC, at the Raw Dog Screaming Press/Anti-Oedipus Press book (1-3 pm)
  3. Start working on promotion for Steel Blood, including searching for book reviewers interested in an advanced electronic copy. Are you one? Drop me a line.

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