Snowspeeder topI come bearing excellent news! But first, a little bit of background.

After Steel Victory was accepted for publication and I received my publisher’s blessing to create a series with that world, I gave myself a goal. The next book in the series would be delivered to my editor by the time the previous novel was published.

Steel Empires book 2, Steel Magic, was delivered less than a month after Steel Victory came out. Book 3, Steel Blood, was also delivered less than a month after Steel Magic was officially released. Not too bad, and it certainly avoided major time crunches later, but still not technically meeting the goal.

Last Saturday, June 3, in the early afternoon, I emailed a solid draft of Steel Empires book 4, Steel Time, to my editor. Steel Blood doesn’t come out until July 19.

I feel like a rock star.

In celebration, I got to indulge in my other recent passion. Specifically, building my next intricate LEGO set! The Snowspeeder from the Battle of Hoth during Empire Strikes Back was released for this year’s Star Wars day, and I’ve been saving it for just such an occasion. You can see the final product above, and check out the nerdy building process after the jump. 

This was a fun, intricate build that went by much faster than the number of pieces would have me think (binge-watching a guilty pleasure TV show at the same time probably didn’t hurt). I didn’t get bored repeating the second wing the way I did with the cover panels on the Millennium Falcon, and I adore how internal gears make different parts of the ship move.

The main body of the ship:

Display stand and more internal workings:


Rear detail and cockpit added:

Next up will be the Saturn V rocket to keep my occupied while my husband is away for a few weeks in August.

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