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We’ve had glimpses of River, little brother of the Rebel Kings MC president, through all the previous books in this series, and I thought I already knew his character. I couldn’t be more delighted to be proven wrong. Though I knew I would probably love River for his intentional stance outside of the MC world, I did not expect to be totally sucked in by his dynamic narrative voice. At the same time, Rubi is a quieter sort of character but no less compelling in how much he cares for the people he has surrounded himself with. And this includes River, no matter how much each man has tried to fight the pull between them over the years.

Leigh teases us with hints of an encounter between the men that occurs earlier in the timeline of the series. At first, I hoped that we’d get the full story of that almost inciting incident, but I realized by the end of the book that not getting all the details was just as imperative to the development of these characters as the moment itself. Both Rubi and River are experiencing the lifelong effects that come with recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and while that is more plot color than plot point, I appreciate the realistic care that Leigh puts into how transformative such events can be, even years after the fact.

The twisty external plot that accompanies the romance aspect of this story fits the new direction that the Rebel Kings MC is trying to take the culture of their club. This might mean less overt illegality but definitely not a decrease in the accompanying tension and action. For all that River originally tried to separate himself from the MC life, he can’t escape his own blood. Anything against him will bring the whole weight of the MC, which leads to another story arc conclusion I didn’t realize I wanted or needed until this book. River and Cam reconnecting as brothers is just as satisfying as any of the romances in this series.

River and Rubi travel a much more turbulent road along their own storyline. It was engrossing from the very beginning, and Leigh left me pleasantly surprised by the, in retrospect, almost unsurprising ending. I love when characters make independent decisions that lead them together for a happily ever after that will benefit both partners in the relationship. I look forward to seeing more of this amazing pair in future books, just as we’ve enjoyed the strong presence of every hero in this series through this excellent chosen family world.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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