Review: Sugar Daddies by Jade West

This book was another recommendation from a Facebook readers group. I prefer menage romances considered M/M/F rather than M/F/M, in which an equal relationship also exists between the two men rather than both focusing on the woman. In this case, two bisexual men in a gay relationship decide to invite a woman to become partContinue reading “Review: Sugar Daddies by Jade West”

Review: Permanent Ink (Art & Soul #1) by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn

I will admit to being tentative going into this book based on the back-cover description. An age gap between two consenting adults doesn’t bother me, but I didn’t want or need a lot of angst related to Poe being the son of Jericho’s best friend. Luckily, the perk to everyone being an adult is thatContinue reading “Review: Permanent Ink (Art & Soul #1) by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn”

Review: The Experiment by Rebecca Raine

As a professional medical editor for the day job, I thought it was hilarious that the sections of this book were labeled according to the sections of a journal article, down to the “Methods” and “Limitations.” Even better, the headings accurately reported what part of the plot the section covered. This conceit was cute whileContinue reading “Review: The Experiment by Rebecca Raine”

Review: Dedicated (Rhythm of Love #1) by Neve Wilder

This book is a friends-to-lovers romance that swerves strongly into “idiots in love” territory, which means I had a blast reading it. Individually, Les and Evan are well-written, complex characters with a strong history of friendship currently on the rocks. They both approached stardom differently, so it makes sense that this book opens with themContinue reading “Review: Dedicated (Rhythm of Love #1) by Neve Wilder”

Review: Their Nerd (Two Plus One #1) by Allyson Lindt

While this book contains many of the typical elements of an MMF menage romance, it solidified my opinion that the menage stories I most enjoy are those in which each individual relationship evolves and has an arc as much as the overall trio does. In this instance, what starts as a sexy narrative to accompanyContinue reading “Review: Their Nerd (Two Plus One #1) by Allyson Lindt”

Review: Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

Disclaimer: I am friends with the author; however, I purchased this ebook at full price. I’m generally not a fan of the “enemies to lovers” or “gay for you” tropes in romance novels, so this book did not initially appeal to my taste. Except Bauer has repeatedly proven what an excellent author she is, soContinue reading “Review: Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer”

Review: Three Player Co-op Series by Allyson Lindt

Looking For It (Book 1) I’m a firm believer that romance novels are for everyone, not just (straight) women. That said, sometimes it’s obvious who the intended audience of a book is supposed to be, which is the case for this title. It is blatant wish-fulfillment, utterly indulgent, and honestly: There’s nothing wrong with thatContinue reading “Review: Three Player Co-op Series by Allyson Lindt”

Review: Clockwork Dragon by Kaye Draper

Having previously only read serial novellas by this author, I was delighted when she announced a stand-alone novel-length project. This book contains all of the elements that I have come to love this author for, such as satisfying paranormal romance arcs featuring unique and fantastical characters. Draper is still one of the few “reverse harem”Continue reading “Review: Clockwork Dragon by Kaye Draper”

Review: The Sugared Game (Will Darling Adventures #2) by K.J. Charles

Read my review of the Will Darling Adventures #1, Slippery Creatures. Charles has such a fantastic gift for crafting worlds that I want to fall into, populated by characters I want to befriend. In fact, beyond the plot and romance of this particular novel, one of the elements I love best about it is theContinue reading “Review: The Sugared Game (Will Darling Adventures #2) by K.J. Charles”

Review: It’s Complicated Series by Brill Harper

All Together (Book 1) When I snagged this book, I figured I was taking a risk because the combination of college students and romance usually means plenty of angst and immaturity. But when I started reading, I was immediately sucked into the story through the sheer force of personality of the three characters, even beforeContinue reading “Review: It’s Complicated Series by Brill Harper”