Review: Gods of Risk (The Expanse #2.1) by James S.A. Corey

This novella brings us back to the series roots of interstellar events occurring as a backdrop to regular people’s normal lives. But this normal person is the gifted sixteen-year-old nephew of Bobbie Draper, so how normal is he? Certainly normal enough for some health doses of adolescent angst while he gets mixed up in theContinue reading “Review: Gods of Risk (The Expanse #2.1) by James S.A. Corey”

Review: Deosil (Whyborne & Griffin #11) by Jordan L. Hawk

This series closes out in a maelstrom (pun intended) of heroism, madness, horror, love, triumph, and just a few tentacles. Everything comes full-circle (pun also intended) as Whyborne and Griffin join with new and old allies to defend their home of Widdershins from the extra-dimensional Masters who have returned to reclaim what is theirs. BecauseContinue reading “Review: Deosil (Whyborne & Griffin #11) by Jordan L. Hawk”

Review: Vampromance (Reluctant Necromancer #2) by Kaye Draper

I don’t get to binge-read this series like I did Draper’s previous reverse harem epic, but I’m enjoying it all the same. Esper is an intriguing character, and I appreciate the set-up of her being lost from her family line as a way for the audience to learn about the greater magical world through herContinue reading “Review: Vampromance (Reluctant Necromancer #2) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Gilded Cage (Lilywhite Boys #2) by K.J. Charles

I re-read the first Lilywhite Boys book right before starting this one, because I could and because it’s that good. This book concludes the short series admirably, though I highly recommend also making sure to read “The Ratcatcher’s Daughter” to get a better feel for the overall conflict. The first book is from a singleContinue reading “Review: Gilded Cage (Lilywhite Boys #2) by K.J. Charles”

Review: Ghostromance (Reluctant Necromancer #1) by Kaye Draper

I probably shouldn’t have read this so close on the heels of Draper’s previous reverse harem series, Gesa’s Menagerie. I prefer Gesa as a character to Esper, but that doesn’t mean anything is necessarily wrong with Esper. I got a bit tired of her “Woe is me, I’m so ugly” ruminations, but otherwise she’s aContinue reading “Review: Ghostromance (Reluctant Necromancer #1) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Gesa’s Menagerie #2-#9 by Kaye Draper

Usually when I read series, I try to break them up with other books so that I don’t get burned out. But sometimes a series is less of a series and more of a really long epic book broken up into eight separate novellas. And sometimes I get sick and need to spend the dayContinue reading “Review: Gesa’s Menagerie #2-#9 by Kaye Draper”

Review: Gryphon’s Pride (Gesa’s Menagerie #1) by Kaye Draper

The author warns in the book description that this is “not your typical reverse harem.” I would also happily argue that this is not a typical romance or typical urban fantasy. With that combination, I was immediately sucked into the world-building, the plot, and the characters. Gesa is the “strong female character” taken to theContinue reading “Review: Gryphon’s Pride (Gesa’s Menagerie #1) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Homeworlds (SG-1/SGA Traveler’s Tales #3) edited by Sally Malcolm

Disclaimer: I am friends with the editor and multiple authors in this collection; I purchased a hardcopy of this book from one of the authors for full price. Favorite Story “The Mysteries of Emege” by Jo Graham: I could say that the ending of this story had enough emotional impact to bring me to tearsContinue reading “Review: Homeworlds (SG-1/SGA Traveler’s Tales #3) edited by Sally Malcolm”

Review: The Bartered Brides (Elemental Masters #13) by Mercedes Lackey

I’m not going to lie. I significantly prefer the fairy tale retellings in this fantasy series to the Sherlock Holmes pastiches featuring Nan and Sara. I didn’t dislike this book, but I found myself not as invested in the main characters as I could have been. Both women gain new skills and mastery over theirContinue reading “Review: The Bartered Brides (Elemental Masters #13) by Mercedes Lackey”

2019: A Year in Reading

This year, I wrote one (1) novel, wrote one (1) short story, revised most of (like, 80%) of another novel, and according to Goodreads, read 147 books. This means I won my Goodreads Challenge goal of 50 books. Pretty cool, right? Except Goodreads is weird, so it’s not quite 147 books. Here’s the full breakdown:Continue reading “2019: A Year in Reading”