Review: A Real Good Lie by Kate Hawthorne

I’m a sucker for the fake relationship trope, so I was excited that one of my favorite romance writers came out with a new book featuring just that thing. Though this novel is less kinky than some of Hawthorne’s other works, it still features the excellent writing, characterization, and storytelling I’ve come to expect fromContinue reading “Review: A Real Good Lie by Kate Hawthorne”

Review: No Surrender (No Regrets #1) by Nora Phoenix

This book is the first spinoff to the No Shame series by the same author. I’m pretty sure it can be read as a stand-alone, but I both highly recommend it and think that readers who enjoy this book will likely also enjoy going back to read those books as well. Go ahead. I’ll wait.Continue reading “Review: No Surrender (No Regrets #1) by Nora Phoenix”

Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur

This post reviews each of the available books in the Us series: Here For Us (#1) Sound of Us (#2) Uniquely Us (#3) Heart of Us (#4) Here For Us (Book 1) This novel is a slow-burn romance between three very different men, and I don’t just refer to their disparate ages. It also includesContinue reading “Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur”

Review: Lust & Longing by E.M. Denning

It takes strong characterization to create two characters in a single scene and have me believe they’re meant to be together forever—and then split them up for 20 years. It takes even stronger characterization for me to stick with the point-of-view character over those 20 years when he’s kind of a jerk for many ofContinue reading “Review: Lust & Longing by E.M. Denning”

Review: Truth by His Hand by Casey Cameron

A friend recently complained to me that she has a hard time finding kinky fiction that dives into the point of view of the submissive character rather than the dominant partner. I didn’t set out to find a book that proves her wrong, but I’m so pleased that I stumbled across this delicious stand-alone title.Continue reading “Review: Truth by His Hand by Casey Cameron”

Review: The Four Series by Sloane Kennedy

This review includes the books currently available in The Four series: Forgotten: Luca (#1) Foreseen: Lex (#2) Forgiven: Con (#3) Forgotten: Luca (Book 1) This book can be read as a stand-alone story, but it works best in the context of two previous novels by Kennedy: Atonement (Protectors #6) and Unbroken (Protectors #12). Thematically, thisContinue reading “Review: The Four Series by Sloane Kennedy”

Review: Inevitable by Briar Prescott

For touching on so many stressful subjects, this was a remarkably low-angst book. I was immediately intrigued by Drew and Bas’ dynamic, even before the first time they appear on page together. The sparks between Drew and Ezra were also blatant, and I knew I had to find out how these three characters finally cameContinue reading “Review: Inevitable by Briar Prescott”

Review: Licking Thicket Series by Lucy Lennox & May Archer

This post contains reviews of the currently available books in the Licking Thicket series: Flakes (#0.5) Fakers (#1) Liars (#2) Fools (#3) Flakes (Book 0.5) This novella blends onscreen sparks and sexiness with a narrative that provides the necessary context for the current relationship (or lack thereof) status of the two main characters. Ryder andContinue reading “Review: Licking Thicket Series by Lucy Lennox & May Archer”

Review: Prince Charming by Sean Ashcroft

July is the perfect time to read about Christmas, right? This romantic comedy escapism fits the bill, and it turns out that I’m a sucker for nobility in disguise, especially in the contemporary setting. Add in a dash of the “fake boyfriend” trope, and it’s like Ashcroft wrote this novel just for me. Andy isContinue reading “Review: Prince Charming by Sean Ashcroft”

Review: Unhinged (Necessary Evils #1) by Onley James

Disclaimer: I received an advanced electronic copy of this book from the author. A strong fictional tradition exists of rich men “collecting” people to serve their particular purposes. James twists this trope to showcase her specific talents as a writer by creating a family of adopted psycho/sociopaths trained by their father to serve a purposeContinue reading “Review: Unhinged (Necessary Evils #1) by Onley James”