Review: Forever Wilde Series by Lucy Lennox

This post contains reviews of all the books currently available in the Forever Wilde series: Facing West (Book 1) Felix and the Prince (Book 2) Wilde Fire (Book 3) Hudson’s Luck (Book 4) Flirt (Book 4.5) His Saint (Book 5) Wilde Love (Book 6) King Me (Book 7) NautiCal (Book 8)

Review: Goode Boys Series by Sean Ashcroft

Troublemaker (Book 1) Queer is a spectrum, and bisexuality is often rendered invisible in the M/M romance genre. That is not the case here, as reformed “troublemaker” Aiden accompanies Carter to a wedding as his fake date. Trouble is the plan here, to disrupt Carter’s mother’s plan to connect him with an old girlfriend. However,Continue reading “Review: Goode Boys Series by Sean Ashcroft”

Review: Charisma Check (Roll for Love #2) by Charlie Novak

Read my review of Roll for Love #1: Natural Twenty Reading this book when I haven’t been able to attend a fan convention in person for nearly a year was both bittersweet and precisely what I needed at the same time. I’m not a cosplayer (you’ll find me over in the writing and fandom tracks),Continue reading “Review: Charisma Check (Roll for Love #2) by Charlie Novak”

Review: Giving Consent Series by Kate Hawthorne

This post contains reviews of all the books in the Giving Consent series: “Worth the Switch” (Book 0.5) Worth the Risk (Book 1) Worth the Wait (Book 2) Worth the Fight (Book 3) Worth the Chance (Book 4) Desperately Seeking (supplemental novellas)

Review: Coming Out on Top by Nora Phoenix

Subverting character expectations realistically and creatively is a favorite of mine in fiction, especially in romance novels. This book could have easily gone the way it looks on the tin, in which robust and manly bear rescues twink with car trouble, and they live happily ever after. Instead, Mac is quite different from the burly,Continue reading “Review: Coming Out on Top by Nora Phoenix”

Review: No Shame Series by Nora Phoenix

This post contains reviews of all the books in the No Shame series: No Filter (Book 1) No Limits (Book 2) No Fear (Book 3) No Shame (Book 4) No Angel (Book 5)

Review: The Geek and His Bad Boys by R. Cayden

I read this book expecting some fun, mindless, sexy crack. A quick read to enjoy on a relaxing holiday off work before diving back into the multiple series I’m juggling. Opposites attract and all that, but the premise of this book promised escapism, not a poignant commentary on the importance of healthy relationships. Instead, thisContinue reading “Review: The Geek and His Bad Boys by R. Cayden”

Review: Unfettered by Kate Hawthorne

This book is connected to the Room for Love series by the same author (and connects with E.M. Lindsey’s On the Market series) but can easily be read as a stand-alone. However, I am glad that I have the full context of Beau’s relationship with his brothers for the few scenes that involve them. BeauContinue reading “Review: Unfettered by Kate Hawthorne”

Review: The Rules by Jamie Fessenden

I’m not going to lie—this book is a little bonkers. But in a strangely good way. It’s a romance that is almost too implausible to be real, but have you looked at the world lately? These days, anything is possible, including a gay married couple hiring a private housekeeper because one of the husbands won’tContinue reading “Review: The Rules by Jamie Fessenden”

Review: Room For Love Series by Kate Hawthorne

This post contains reviews of all the books in the Room For Love series: Reckless (Book 1) Heartless (Book 2) Faultless (Book 3) Fearless (Book 4) Limitless (Book 5) A Very Messy Motel Brothers Wedding (Book 5.5)