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I did not read the book in the previous series set in this world that introduces these characters, but it was easy to pick up on all the relevant details without that context. Aaron and Jeremy each have excellent character voices that pulled me in from the very beginning, especially by dangling intriguing mysteries of each of their backstories to the reader. However, rather than string along the readers and each other, Aaron and Jeremy reveal their secrets pretty early on in the book. The secrets aren’t easy, but they do work as a way to bring the characters closer together, making for a fairly low-angst book.

I don’t intend for “low angst” to be used as a criticism for this story, because while it was fairly easy to see the full trajectory of the relationship that develops between the men, I still very much enjoyed it. Birk manages a true opposites-attract dynamic between these characters that absolutely works instead of making me wonder what they see in each other. The “dark moment” presented a more emotional ending than I expected, which cemented this book as a solid romance arc that fits well within this world.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars
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