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Though many of the books in this series can be read as stand-alone, this novel is the second in a duet with Apex Predator (The Game #11). It continues the stories of the second-chance romance between Macklin and his estranged husband Walker and the potential new love story between Lane and Ty. Oh, and Macklin and Lane are dating and have no plans to give that up. This all sounds terribly complicated, but Dee is excellent at balancing relationship dynamics while still getting to the heart of the love stories that readers turn to romance for.

What I love about this book in particular, since none of the books in this series are the same, is the fluid and nontraditional ways in which a happily ever after can look for any of Dee’s characters. The vacation in Apex Predator is over, and returning to the “real world” has never been more difficult. Walker and Ty are determined to “keep” their men, and Dee indulges in some more traditional tropes to turn a burgeoning friendship into her most vanilla relationship in this series so far. This is not a complaint; her character work is so great that it might be unexpected, but it’s absolutely adorable and perfect for these men.

Unfortunately, this twist throws a wrench in the works for Mack and Walker. Seeing them return to pattern is devastating after the tantalizing hope that things might be on the mend. But the difference that Lane and Ty being in the picture makes for everyone is the real joy in this book.

This book is simultaneously one of the spiciest and least overtly kinky in the entire series. It remains true to the heart of the series in that it includes some excellent discussion and character introspection on the nature of incorporating kink in real life. We also see a heart-warming return to Mclean House as renovations near completion, and the book also features some fantastic cameos from Dee’s other interconnected series, also presented thematically rather than just as treats for loyal readers.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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