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When Dee dove back into writing this series with a vengeance, she took the premise of one book = one month = one Game and completely upended it in the best way possible. We got brand new characters, all sorts of surprises, and an epic tragedy that crossed multiple books and storylines. Unfortunately, that meant the plan for the series’ titular event got put on hold, at least until Dee surprised us with a new release. This short book revisits familiar characters and dynamics from almost all of the previous books in the series and catches us up on the Game sidelined by the aforementioned tragedy.

Did I drop everything and read this book the moment I found out about it? Absolutely.

The very structure of this book was a clever premise, with each day of the week leading up to the Game in question and highlighting a particular set of characters. I had a blast revisiting some of my favorites, especially since Dee quietly answers some questions along the way. In terms of recovery, a lot of the action centers specifically around Mclean House. The mansion can practically be considered a character in the series itself, and the love the characters show for their home away from home (or, in some cases, their actual home) is sweet and heartwarming. But this is still the Game series, so sometimes it’s also incredibly sexy in all sorts of ways, even before the delayed Game gets into full swing.

Overall, this book gave me some excellent new perspectives on a few familiar characters. Tate has solidified his position with Reese as my ultimate favorites, but as usual, Dee seeds so many potential story nuggets that I know I’ll continue to fall in love with all of these characters over and over again.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars.
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