Review: Bold Brew Series (multiple authors)

This post contains reviews of the currently available books in the Bold Brew series: Cup of Joe (#1) by Annabeth Albert Puppuccino (#2) by Allison Temple Perfect Matcha (#3) by Erin McLellan Vanilla Steamer (#4) by Crystal Lacy Order Up (#5) by Wendy Qualls Silky Smooth (#6) by A. M. Arthur Fair Trade (#7) byContinue reading “Review: Bold Brew Series (multiple authors)”

Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur

This post reviews each of the available books in the Us series: Here For Us (#1) Sound of Us (#2) Uniquely Us (#3) Heart of Us (#4) Here For Us (Book 1) This novel is a slow-burn romance between three very different men, and I don’t just refer to their disparate ages. It also includesContinue reading “Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur”

Review: Inevitable by Briar Prescott

For touching on so many stressful subjects, this was a remarkably low-angst book. I was immediately intrigued by Drew and Bas’ dynamic, even before the first time they appear on page together. The sparks between Drew and Ezra were also blatant, and I knew I had to find out how these three characters finally cameContinue reading “Review: Inevitable by Briar Prescott”

Review: Misfits by Garrett Leigh

I’ve seen this book recommended in multiple places as an example of excellent MMM romance, which is the original reason that I picked it up. However, more exists to the story and characters, even if the premise (two men in a long-term open relationship fall for a third) is precisely what it says on theContinue reading “Review: Misfits by Garrett Leigh”

Review: The Other Side of Here by E.M. Lindsey

I knew going into this book that it would wreck me, both because of one of the characters’ relationship situation and how well Lindsey manipulates language to tug at the heartstrings. I did not expect two of the characters to share a similar history—one in the immediate context and one further down the road, butContinue reading “Review: The Other Side of Here by E.M. Lindsey”

Review: Lonely Hearts Series by Kate Hawthorne

This post includes reviews of the currently available books in the Lonely Hearts series: His Kind of Love (#1) The Colors Between Us (#2) Love Comes After (#3) Until You Say Otherwise (#4) His Kind of Love (Book 1) This dark romance is deceptive, in that even as I was low-key horrified at the depthsContinue reading “Review: Lonely Hearts Series by Kate Hawthorne”

Review: We Have Till Monday by Cara Dee

Read my review of We Have Till Dawn, an earlier-published work that features Anthony’s younger brother. As much fun as I have tracking romance plot points now that I’m familiar with the structure, it never ceases to amaze me how diverse the genre can be. I’ve read both MMM and Daddy-kink (with age regression) storiesContinue reading “Review: We Have Till Monday by Cara Dee”

Review: High Lonesome by Tanya Chris

Sometimes I read books despite the trigger warnings at the end of the back-cover blurb. In this case, I picked this book because of one of the trigger warnings. I have a professional interest in HIV due to my day job, and I’m always interested in seeing how HIV and HIV prevention are addressed inContinue reading “Review: High Lonesome by Tanya Chris”

Review: Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy

This post contains reviews for the books currently available in the Protectors series: Absolution (Book 1) Salvation (Book 2) Retribution (Book 3) Forsaken (Book 4) Vengeance (Book 5) A Protector’s Family Christmas (Book 5.5) Discovering Daisy (Book 5.6) Atonement (Book 6) Revelation (Book 7) Redemption (Book 8) Defiance (Book 9) Protecting Elliot (Book 9.5) UnexpectedContinue reading “Review: Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy”

Review: Love Logic Series by K.M. Neuhold

Rocket Science (Book 1) I’m not terribly interested in the “falling for the brother’s best friend” trope, but I’ve enjoyed previous books by this author and wanted to keep enjoying their work. This story bends the trope by having the brother urge his sibling and BFF into a friendship now that they live in theContinue reading “Review: Love Logic Series by K.M. Neuhold”