I binge-read the first three books (and supplementary content) in this series in a single weekend, put the release date for the final book on my calendar, and anxiously counted down the days. Then, because I’m a lucky brat, the author was kind enough to send me an advanced copy! Which, of course, I promptly binge-read in a single sitting. Like the others, this installment works as a stand-alone story. However, having a bit of “historical” perspective of Alek and Colson from previous books makes these characters even more compelling.

The initial meetings (which are certainly not “cute”) between the three heroes were not those I expected, but the sparks are there immediately. Alek, especially, seems to draw strong reactions from people in different ways. The push and pull that exists between all three of them, both before and after the first spicy bit, make for a fascinating and addictive read, especially because it’s so easy to agree with all the rational reasons they should stay apart and equally support all the irrational ways they appeal to each other. On the surface, these are all entitled, rich white guys—but Nash has created such dynamic and well-crafted characters that my heart breaks for all of them anyway.

Even if you have not read the earlier books, Nash provides enough context for Alek and Colson’s current personal and emotional circumstances that the mystery surrounding Benji becomes even more stark in comparison. The slow-burn facet of this book is less about the romance itself and more about the final reveal of how Benji truly fits in this picture. I put the pieces together easily enough (though this did not diminish my enjoyment of the reveal), but I cared so much about each of these characters that it was easy to be in denial about it until absolutely necessary, which only made the truth hurt more—and the aftermath more rewarding. The way these men come together at the end and support each other through the healing process felt like the perfect blend of personal character growth and inevitability.

The books in this series are very much a thematic set while still being different enough that it’s hard to pick a “favorite.” This finale more than holds its own against the amazing stories that have come before. I look forward to both reading more from this author and eventually returning to this series to enjoy a greater appreciation of the complete collection.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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