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We’re a few books deep into this relatively interconnected series by this point, and readers are at least a little familiar with the main characters of this particular installment. Perhaps Decoy a bit more than Folk, given Folk’s more recent inclusion in the Rebel Kings, but neither of these men is a total newcomer. Thus, I thought I had an idea of what to expect from this book going in. Leigh completely blew all my preconceptions away with an opening that I never could have predicted. The flashback element sets up a fascinating “what could have been” that is an integral thread to the relationship arc, immediately hooking me on this story and the new possibilities it gives Decoy and Folk.

We knew a bit about Decoy’s family circumstances based on tidbits in previous books, but the full extent of what he’s been dealing with created instant sympathy for me. In contrast, Folk was mostly new details, but I loved learning about how much he is still quietly badass, especially with Alexei’s stamp of approval. The story that evolves between them isn’t a second chance romance so much as it’s a proper first chance, even if the road getting there is circuitous. The found family of the Rebel Kings council truly cares, even if they are occasionally ridiculous about it. I definitely did not expect to find the fake relationship trope in an MC story, but the reasons behind it were relevant and it certainly gets Folk and Decoy to acknowledge a bit of unfinished business. Ultimately, I’m not sure whether this story was actually angsty or whether I just have a soft spot for former military guys dealing with civilian life. Where the relationship and external arcs for this story clash was an enjoyable push and pull between Decoy’s family circumstances requiring him to be 100% on the up-and-up while Folk is doing work that is good but still very gray.

The overarching external plot of this series continues to be engaging and twisty. Despite the Rebel Kings’ attempts to transition entirely to legality, they are still entwined with multiple other factions due to either history or just because the people running the other factions are genuinely evil and must be dealt with. Enter Alexei and Folk, who are probably insane, but no one can argue that they don’t get results! Decoy isn’t insane, just at the end of his rope. Luckily, he has Folk to catch him.

Ultimately, this is a soulmates story between two men too rational to believe in that sort of thing. The story is slow-burn while still being spicy and packed with high emotion rather than high angst. Overall, everything I love about Leigh’s amazing storytelling, and definitely not a book to miss if you are already enjoying this phenomenal series.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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