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Though each book in this series features a brand-new romantic connection, the overarching plot means that this is not a series of stand-alone novels set in the same world. For this installment, the external plot we’ve been following since the beginning immediately shifts into high gear, with prior revelations about Skye’s paranormal abilities as the inciting incident. Luckily, he has the found family of hotel staff (and its ghostly residents) to support and protect him. Daniel, especially, wants only the best for Skye, but that’s just because they’re best friends, right?

Honestly, I kind of loved how much Daniel was fooling himself regarding his feelings about men in general and Skye in particular. In this “bi-awakening” story, however, there is no angst on Daniel’s part regarding this revelation, only a sweet and sexy relationship that shifts from friends to lovers. All the angst in this book involves Skye’s family drama. I’ll reassure hesitant readers that this drama also has nothing to do with Skye’s sexual orientation, but it made my heart hurt for him nonetheless. Having Daniel so firmly in his corner, even if the way it starts out is a misunderstanding of epic and slightly hilarious proportions, once again serves Skye well here.

My sheer delight over the new relationship in this story nicely balanced the subtle terror of the accompanying paranormal plot. Masters deepens the world-building where necessary and leaves us not with a cliffhanger, but instead a creepy setup for what promises to be a truly epic finale.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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