Book Review: Weave the Dark, Weave the Light by Anna Zabo

Disclaimer: I am friends with this author; however, I purchased this ebook for full price. A novella is a tricky length for a story, especially one that includes fantasy worldbuilding. However, Zabo does an amazing job with this sweet yet steamy romance between two unexpected characters. Jonathan is both something like a dream come trueContinue reading “Book Review: Weave the Dark, Weave the Light by Anna Zabo”

Steel Justice Available Now!

Happy Wednesday to everyone, and happy book birthday to me! Steel Justice (Steel Empires #6) is officially live and available for your reading pleasure in hardcopy and ebook form. Learn about the book below, including some fun graphics. I hope you enjoy the penultimate book to the Steel Empires series, while I’m hard at workContinue reading “Steel Justice Available Now!”

Review: Blind Tiger (The Pride #1) by Jordan L. Hawk

Hawk granted my wish and returned to his clever and imaginative Hexworld series—except moving the action to a new time and place. Prohibition Chicago is rife with story fodder, especially where magic is involved, and this book is no different. Hawk takes the traditional, in which a small-town guy escapes to the big city andContinue reading “Review: Blind Tiger (The Pride #1) by Jordan L. Hawk”

STEEL JUSTICE Cover Reveal & Preorder Links

Coming July 28 Set in an alternate near future, Steel Justice is the sixth book in the Steel Empires series and the first time that part of the story is told from the perspective of warrior-mage Kane Nalamas. The world of Steel Empires is one where elves, vampires and shapeshifters co-exist openly with humans and where magicContinue reading “STEEL JUSTICE Cover Reveal & Preorder Links”

Author Interview with L. Marie Wood

We’re celebrating today’s release of L. Marie Wood’s new novel, The Realm, with an exclusive author interview below! ABOUT THE BOOK Patrick closes his eyes to the only life he’s ever known and opens them to a new and dangerous world.  In this Realm the newly dead from all over the universe are being huntedContinue reading “Author Interview with L. Marie Wood”

Review: Rise of the Iliri Series by Auryn Hadley

BloodLust (Book 1) This story that blends science-fiction and fantasy elements to create a world with unique characteristics immediately sucked me in. Though it’s advertised as a fantasy epic, all the “fantastical” tropes can be traced back to a very science-fiction origin, in which humans do what they do best: Sweep in and take overContinue reading “Review: Rise of the Iliri Series by Auryn Hadley”

Con Report: Capclave 2020

The world we live in continues to be absolutely bonkers, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a lovely Saturday of conversing with fellow authors about world-building and the fantasy genre as part of Capclave 2020. Alas, both panels were via Zoom from the comfort of my home office, so I’m still in hardcore withdrawalContinue reading “Con Report: Capclave 2020”

Review: Clockwork Dragon by Kaye Draper

Having previously only read serial novellas by this author, I was delighted when she announced a stand-alone novel-length project. This book contains all of the elements that I have come to love this author for, such as satisfying paranormal romance arcs featuring unique and fantastical characters. Draper is still one of the few “reverse harem”Continue reading “Review: Clockwork Dragon by Kaye Draper”

Capclave 2020 Schedule

Like many conventions this year, Capclave 2020 has gone virtual! Instead of spending this weekend in Rockville, Maryland, you can hang out with me from the comfort of your home. Registration is required for this convention: $10 gives you access to all of this weekend’s content, and $55 gives you access to all of thisContinue reading “Capclave 2020 Schedule”

Review: On the Subject of Griffons by Lindsey Byrd

Disclaimer: I am an acquaintance of the author; however, I purchased this ebook for the full price. The only pseudo-complaint I have about this novel is that it could have been a tiny bit shorter. However, shortening the text would have involved cutting much of the hero’s internal narrative, which is a delightful mixture ofContinue reading “Review: On the Subject of Griffons by Lindsey Byrd”