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Osborn dropped enough subtle clues in previous books in this series for me to guess that Alastair and Lazarus would be the final pairing, but I will admit that I went into this book wondering how two similar characters would work together. However, while the opposites-attract trope is so popular for a reason, there is also something sweet about two people who find their perfect match in more than one way. As the full story is revealed from Lazarus’ perspective, I also found myself sympathizing with him more than I expected after my reactions to him in previous books. Osborn doesn’t give him a redemption arc so much as fill in the gaps that make him a much more well-rounded character. Along the way, we get all the angst and pining (and tears) that I’ve come to expect from this series.

Alastair’s character also comes a bit full circle, though we’ve known him better through the eyes of his brothers from book one. His role as the leader has always made him the most distant, even when he faced the same obstacles in life as the other Sons. I loved the dichotomy of his Sin making him simultaneously the most powerful and most vulnerable brother. (As a side note, Alastair’s friendship with vampire Konnar is my favorite non-romantic relationship of the entire series because of how supportive it was in ways Alastair probably never recognized he needed as a result of Lazarus’ manipulations.)

Each book in this series has balanced its romantic arc with moving the intricate external plot forward, and this book faced the added difficulty of wrapping everything up. Osborn provides excellent plot twists that lean into the original worldbuilding aspects of what makes so much of this series unique, even when certain elements could have been repetitive tropes. This story features a truly epic finale that perfectly blended all the excitement (and yes, more tears) that I could have wanted.

I look forward to reading the extended epilogue Osborn has written for this series, but it doesn’t necessarily need that additional work. However, it will be a treat for readers as much as I’m sure it was a treat for the author to write.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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