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Authors and readers like to describe characters as golden retrievers in human form, but I’ve found the definitive version. Raiden might not be 100 percent human, but he definitely has that wholesome energy expressed in his sweet need to care for his family. And since food makes Raiden happy, his love language for his family mostly involves feeding them. Warning: This book will make you very, very hungry.

The brothers have been through a lot in the past few months, so it’s no surprise from a plot and character perspective that Raiden’s connection with Titan sneaks up on both of them. Both men are adorably oblivious to how committed they are to the casual thing. Osborn does an excellent job of letting them settle into their obliviousness and then hitting them both over the head with the clue bat right when the external plot kicks up a notch.

In a way, the first confrontation the brothers have with Lucifer is almost anti-climactic (though the tension involved in getting to that point absolutely hits the mark). Lots of bad-guy monologuing occurs, and I had to wonder how Lucifer was going to surprise me. Instead, Osborn surprised me with a delicious twist when it’s the “good” angels who raise the stakes for the brothers in a really dramatic and tragic way. The final set piece for this book isn’t necessarily as epic as in previous installments, but it still tied me to my Kindle with plenty of emotional investment.

I’m very excited for the final book of this epic series, both for the resolution of the external plot and because (or despite) Osborn has given us no clues to the identity of final brother Alistair’s fated mate. Or has she? I’m side-eyeing one character in particular, and while I won’t be upset if I’m wrong, I also have faith that Osborn will pull off something epic if I’m right.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) stars
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