I mocked fate hard with last month’s blog post. Remember how I said I might be coming down with something? One of the worst colds I’ve ever had in my life knocked me out for a solid week. I may joke that napping is my Olympic sport, but sleeping 18+ hours a day is not actually all it’s cracked up to be.

However, I still managed to accomplish my major goal for the month! I completed my final revisions and sent Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7) (the last book in the series) (I’m never writing a 7-book series ever again) off to my much-too-patient editor. We’re still shooting for a 2023 release, but I have no other info at this time regarding a specific month or whether a launch party will happen.

Why yes, that is a carefully placed Word Count box to avoid spoilers.

The other highlight of the month was that Secret Project Phase 1 was successful, giving me the green light to move on to Secret Project Phase 2! I promise to release more details when I’m allowed.

February Wrap-Up

  • I totally forgot that I’d promised myself macarons for finishing Steel Legacy! I’ll have to add a stop to my list of errands today. I have continued work on a massive LEGO set that I look forward to finishing.
  • Losing a week to that awful cold means less progress on Earth & Water than I would have preferred. I rewrote 1 scene last month, which added a whopping 209 words to the draft.
  • I did have a fantastic time at Farpoint in Baltimore, my first event of 2023. Check out my con report here!
  • All the wishing for the Secret Project was successful!

March Goals

  1. My top priority for the month is Secret Project Phase 2. I have the full concept, so now I need a solid draft. Luckily, it’s for a 3k to 6k short story, so I’m excited rather than stressed.
  2. As much as I’d like to commit to more, let’s try again for making it to the mid-point of draft 1 of Earth & Water.
  3. On the aspirational side, I will definitely continue brainstorming and, hopefully, start a draft outline of Ink & Blood. I’d love to do the same for the contemporary military romance that keeps collecting ideas on the notes app in my phone.


One Grand Prize: a paranormal fun pack consisting of a mug, dragon plus, adult colouring book, and coloured pencils (approx. $65 value)

Two Secondary Prizes: 
A) winner’s choice of one paperback by a participating author and annotation kit
B) two Amazon-gifted ebooks from participating authors

Three Gift Card Prizes: of $5 each for the winner’s choice of ebook retailer

All prizes are available internationally.

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