You know how time seems to speed up the older you get? It’s a combination of math and perspective. You’ve lived longer, so a month is a smaller proportion of your life than when you were 8 years old and enjoying endless summer break. Between recovering from my epic adventure in Israel, friends visiting from Atlanta, diving into my newest book project, and losing a few days to a terrible cold (and losing another few days to video games), November went by in a blink. And I didn’t even go anywhere!

I’m sure December will go by just as quickly, especially since I am heading out on my annual holiday adventure with the family for part of it.

The next book series has a name, though! Steel Bonds. I think. Nothing is confirmed until I get a logo made.

Day trip to Philadelphia!
“I have placed my library where I can write without being disturbed by the noise of the children.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1787

November Wrap-Up

  • As always, I signed up for NaNoWriMo for 2022. Did I “win”? Nah. I spent way more time than I anticipated sorting out the plot for the new book. But because of how I work, that was much more important to me than throwing words on the page. Earth & Water is sitting at about 12k words, with a solid outline for the rest, including 15 scenes to rewrite from Steel Magic and 16 brand-new scenes to draft. (And yes, it’s definitely a novel now. Not sure where I ever got the idea that I was capable of writing a shorter novella.)

December Goals

  1. Make progress on Earth & Water! I’m trying to form healthier writing and working habits, so I’m not sure what that progress will look like yet.
  2. Revise Steel Legacy! I’m getting back beta reader notes soon, and I already have my own notes for things I want to rework before it goes off to my editor.
  3. Flee the country! Wait. That didn’t come out right. But I’m off to the tropics for a week at the end of the month. I might break my “no internet on big boats” rule this year, because there are ARCs to read and review, so things on the blog shouldn’t slow down too much.

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  • Don’t forget you can follow me on BookBub now! I’m slowly in the process of transferring all of the reviews from past blog posts over there, and all future book reviews will automatically be posted.

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