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I’m so spoiled by authors that release books close together that waiting a year for the final installment of this trilogy was brutal—but absolutely worth the wait (and luckily, I had plenty of other books by this amazing author duo to read in the meantime). This book fulfills many of the expectations set up by the previous books in the series and continues along the same arc promised by the complete surprise set up at the end of book 1. I’d have been more than happy with a trilogy that followed Troy and Saul as a couple. The addition of Carter and Geoff to the relationship, along with scenes from their point of view, made for a compelling read to find out how this unique, intricate dynamic would achieve their happily ever after.

The four men are still in the midst of building something brand new at the beginning of this story. Luckily, the power exchange relationships all are involved in means they understand the importance of communication. That doesn’t mean everything is effortless, however, or that communication is always easy. Troy’s anxiety is the linchpin of the problems that still face their dynamic, and that’s before tragedy strikes. In a way, this trilogy functions as an extended book, making the dark moment that occurs early in this one the dark moment for the entire narrative. This makes the rebuild afterward much more satisfying as a whole. A relationship that involves four people, even between two primary couples, means six distinct connections that require care and attention. I loved the brand-new experiences that bond Carter and Saul together as much as I enjoyed the resolution of a lingering issue between Troy and Carter.

From the very beginning, Payne and Tortuga telegraph that nothing about this arc will be a traditional romance, and this holds true for the conclusion to the trilogy. These writers excel at crafting scenes that are intimate and sexy even when they don’t include explicit sex. I’m more than satisfied with the conclusion to the story I’ve been waiting so long for, even while I know that I’ll return to these amazing characters for more than one re-read in the future.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars.
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