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The final book in this series returns us to the island of Lukoi and features characters we have met in previous installments. This book can probably work as a stand-alone, but you will miss so much of the amazing worldbuilding that has gone into almost every element of this story. The events that lead Micah to Sasha and Viv occur pretty much the instant this book starts, and even when their connection becomes an inevitability, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey I took with these characters. (I’m also a little pleased with myself for correctly predicting this particular romantic connection back when I read book 2.)

The spooky aspect of this story is also presented early in the text, but our heroes don’t immediately jump into investigating it. They are much too busy preparing for winter, learning more about magic, and seducing their unexpected houseguest. Though the spooky bit could have been woven a bit more into the middle of the story, plenty of tension still existed in the plot based on their shifting relationship dynamics and Viv’s chronic illness. Sasha focuses on the next winter, and Micah’s past means he doesn’t focus much on the future at all, but Viv is matter-of-fact about her future to an admirable and heartbreaking point.

Eventually, Foxglove comes full circle with every thread of the various plots within this book, from the paranormal (which seems silly to say in a world with literal magic, but I’m going with it) to Viv’s family issues to Micah’s personal healing. Sasha is just happy to be there and give snuggles, but his sheer presence and support in the lives of the other two play just as integral a role in the story as Micah’s and Viv’s magical abilities.

This story unfolds on a less epic scale than Summer of the Wanderer, but it stays true to the heart of the series and I enjoyed it just as much. Foxglove continues to add to their amazing fantasy world, in which the biological power exchange element adds some fun spice, but fits perfectly into the fantasy romance genre regardless. I’m thrilled that another series set in this universe is already in the works because these books have been some of the reading highlights of my year.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced review ebook from the authors.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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