One of the main reasons that the last 2 years have been pretty brutal on my mental health is that I haven’t been able to visit one of the places that truly refreshes me as both a writer and a person. In Your Write Mind is an annual writing workshop hosted by alumni of the graduate program I attended. Returning to Seton Hill University, one of my favorite places on Earth, and spending time with old friends and new who also share my craft always re-energizes my writing. Last year’s virtual program was fun, but I can’t wait to return in person this weekend.

This year, IYWM will be a hybrid event. I will be there in person, but we are also offering a packed schedule of virtual panels and presentations. All pitch sessions to our guest editors and agents are also available online. Even if it’s too late for you to plan travel, you are welcome to sign up to attend the virtual program until pretty much the last moment.

In Your Write Mind 2022
June 23-26, 2022
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA

This year, I volunteered to be the assistant to our author guest of honor, L. Marie Wood. When I’m not making sure she has everything she needs, I’m also participating in programming myself. And since I’m staying on campus, it’ll always be easy to ping me on social media to arrange a meet up for a meal, drinks of your choice, or even just a chat.


1 PM: Alt History: Creating Stories by Changing the Past (interactive presentation)

  • Join author and editor J.L. Gribble for an interactive presentation on alternate history story-telling. This workshop is geared toward both readers and writers in all genres who are either curious about the genre or looking for inspiration on how to develop their own stories and worlds.

4 PM: Editing Q&A (panel)

  • With Deanna Sjolander, L. Marie Wood, and Virginia Nelson


1 PM: Writing While Neurodivergent (panel)

  • ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and other neurodivergencies are tough enough in everyday life, but they can really make writing tricky in extra special ways. We’ll talk about how it’s affected us and what we’ve done to accommodate our special brains.
  • With Mary Mascari and Donna J. W. Monro

6 PM: Mass Author Book Signing!

  • I’ll be on hand with dozens of other authors to sell and sign our books! I will have all books in the Steel Empires series on hand, including the paperback and hardcover versions of Steel Victory 2.0.


10 AM: The Importance of Dialogue (panel)

  • You know good dialogue when you read it – it feels natural, simple, easy… but writing it is anything but. Let’s discuss common pitfalls and misconceptions about dialogue and discover ways to craft it well.
  • With L. Marie Wood and Judi Flemming

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