I absolutely adored the Irons and Works series, and while it is definitely an author’s prerogative to state that a series is finished, I’m certainly not mad that Lindsey changed their mind about this one. We return to the Irons and Works tattoo shop in Fairfield, Colorado with a new artist but a lot of familiar faces. Micah and Ryan each have their share of baggage, but that doesn’t stop them from having the most epic hookup imaginable and coming to a strict no-strings-attached arrangement for future encounters. After all, no matter the attraction between them, both men have rules and limitations to their lives that don’t leave much room for a relationship.

Of course, this arrangement lasts for all of five minutes.

The story that unfolds is a perfect example of the relationships Lindsey does best. Neither Ryan nor Micah can “fix” each other or their lives, but it becomes clear that the men are better together than apart. They just have to get past their own ingrained patterns to get there. Luckily, Lindsey also does not write heroes that exist in a vacuum, so the men have secondary characters on hand who care enough about them to support them the best way they’re able. I especially loved that tattoo shop owner Kat gets a decent number of scenes in support of Micah, since she’s someone I don’t remember seeing much of outside of “Tony and Kat” previously.

This book could work as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend that interested readers start at the beginning of this incredible series. I was thrilled to be back, even during the moments Lindsey made me cry, and other readers should definitely check out this amazing found-family universe.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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