I picked up this book on the recommendation from a writer that I enjoy, who mentioned that it was not her typical fare but that she’d really enjoyed it. The Initiation was definitely not like any romance book I’ve read so far, and I’d even argue that it’s not really a romance book.

There’s plenty of sex, and there is definitely a relationship to navigate. But it’s a relationship built on lust and power. Through the lens of the main character’s interest in mythology, the author makes plenty of allusions to ancient gods and monsters (and how there is often little difference between the two). In the modern world, wealth brings power, and powerful men tend to think they are gods.

But really, they’re nothing more than monsters.

This book was intriguing and I don’t regret reading it, but it’s not what I want out of my romance novels. Definitely read the back cover text if you’re considering it, and yes, what eventually happens is spelled right out on the tin. Sloane does an admirable job of injecting a lot of feminism into the tale, but I wasn’t invested enough in the main character to pursue her story into the next book. Well-written and nicely paced, just not my personal cup of tea.

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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