Some new changes in the format this month! Don’t be scared, all the cool stuff you’re used to is still here. I’ve had a great month, and I’m excited to share all my news with you.

The first good news: Steel Shadows has been released into the wild! This is the fifth book in the Steel Empires series, and the strangest book yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as my early readers appear to. Find more info here.

The second good news: I finally finished a complete first draft of the sixth Steel Empires book, Steel Justice! This means lots of cool things, starting with building a new LEGO set and scheduling my first tattoo. I’ll be sending the text off to my beta readers soon.

And then the bad news, but it’s also sort of good news? So, the third good news: My next project is not going to be to draft book 7. I’ll be thinking about it, and probably start working on an outline, but my priority for this fall is to go back to where we started. My publisher has agreed to let me re-release book 1, Steel Victory, as an author’s preferred copy in summer 2020. With this new edition, I’ll do my best to punch up the writing style and clear up a few world-building issues. No major plot or character changes — I just want to make this book match the quality of the writing I feel like I’ve attained with my last few books. The new book will also be released with cool new features. I’m excited to get started!

August Wrap-Up

  • I celebrated the release of Steel Shadows! (Wine and sushi was involved.)
  • I celebrated the completion of Steel Justice! (A giant margarita was involved.)
  • I have not started the book 7 outline, per the scheduling changes discussed above.
  • I’m still working in the beta-read of my friend’s work in progress.
  • Finally, I had a great time celebrating my publisher’s 16th anniversary at Pulpfest. Find my con report here.

September Goals

  1. It’s party time! I’m throwing a public party for anyone local to the Baltimore area to celebrate Steel Shadows, but also the accomplishment of publishing five books in five years. Find more details here.
  2. I’m throwing myself into the past, starting with a full reverse outline of Steel Victory and identifying specific issues that need work.
  3. Continue progress beta-reading my friend’s novel.
  4. My annual trip to FanX Salt Lake City is around the corner! This is how the spouse and I celebrate our anniversary (because we’re big nerds), and I’m excited for this vacation.

In Case You Missed It

Enough celebrating, Mom. Back to work.

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