This is my third year at FanX Salt Lake City and I’m more excited than ever. The spouse and I are flying in Wednesday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning, and this will be a great annual anniversary trip. He’s looking forward to stalking his favorite comic book artist, I’m excited to give my alternate history presentation, and we’re both happy to reunite with friends.

Below is the official schedule as of the time of this posting. Keep an eye out for more updates for my signing schedule and additional panels at my Twitter account.


  • 5 PM: Alternate History: Creating Stories by Changing the Past (presentation, 255A)
    • Join author and editor J.L. Gribble as she leads an interactive presentation on alternate history as a genre, subgenre, and storytelling technique, using examples from all forms of pop culture media. Appropriate for authors and readers. Hosting and color commentary provided by comedian Jay Whittaker.


  • 11 AM: Avengers Endgame: Where Do We Go From Here? Marvel’s Phase 4 & Beyond (panel, 251A)
    • Phase 4 is upon us, and the multi-verse is the limit. In this panel we will discuss what we think/hope we can expect from the next Marvel Cinematic Universe films. With a decade of storytelling finally coming to a close, join us as we discuss the movies and comics that helped develop our theories for what’s next, and which heroes to keep an eye out for. With the Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox, when will we get the MCU version of the X-Men or the Fantastic 4? This panel will consist of theories, confirmed stories, and so much more.
    • With Kay-B, Chelsy Bloomfield (moderator), Rachelle Hardy, Christopher James, Christian Lambert, and Jay Washington
  • 6 PM: A-Force: Infinity War, Endgame & The Role of the Female Superhero in the MCU (panel, 151D)
    • With Valerie Cameron (moderator), DC Doll, Rebecca Frost, and Robin Glassey

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