Review: An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities #2) by K.J. Charles

Unnatural ViceMy favorite thing about this series is the overlapping mystery, in which each of the romances develop as a part of that plot. Charles’ talent for writing truly shows as each book in this trilogy feels complete even without the over-arching story yet solved. 

The relationship between the mystery and Justin Lazarus is a bit coincidental, but I’m willing to forgive that connection in service to the story. Otherwise, the enemies to lovers trope in this story works remarkably well, with all the sexual tension you could hope for. I love the research that Charles obviously did to portray Justin’s profession as a medium, giving the readers just enough insight to how some of the tricks were pulled off while keeping other things beyond our ken.

Events in a middle book could have dragged, but this story has plenty of excitement — with multiple meanings of the word. I look forward to seeing how Justin evolves as a character in the conclusion to this trilogy.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

One thought on “Review: An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities #2) by K.J. Charles

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