Review: Slippery Creatures (Will Darling Adventures #1) by K.J. Charles

The bad news: This book does not end with a happily ever after. The good news: Because it’s book 1 of a trilogy! Will and Kim have fabulous and intense chemistry that only enhances the plot they’re embroiled in, and I look forward to seeing their relationship develop throughout the next two books. As always,Continue reading “Review: Slippery Creatures (Will Darling Adventures #1) by K.J. Charles”

Review: Thieves’ Honor (Wizards of London #1) by Jamaila Brinkley

Disclaimer: I am friends with the author; however, I purchased this ebook for full price. I devoured this book so quickly, and with such enjoyment, that I forgot to take any notes for my review! Brinkley’s debut novel features romance, magic, and mystery set in historical London. She weaves together the tropes from multiple genresContinue reading “Review: Thieves’ Honor (Wizards of London #1) by Jamaila Brinkley”

Review: Enlightened (Enlightenment #3) by Joanna Chambers

The finale to this trilogy does an excellent job of concluding plot threads from previous books on multiple levels. David and Murdo have grown as people and grown closer together, but some roadblocks (internal and external) still stand in the way of their happily every after. When both of them must travel to London, theyContinue reading “Review: Enlightened (Enlightenment #3) by Joanna Chambers”

Review: Gilded Cage (Lilywhite Boys #2) by K.J. Charles

I re-read the first Lilywhite Boys book right before starting this one, because I could and because it’s that good. This book concludes the short series admirably, though I highly recommend also making sure to read “The Ratcatcher’s Daughter” to get a better feel for the overall conflict. The first book is from a singleContinue reading “Review: Gilded Cage (Lilywhite Boys #2) by K.J. Charles”

Review: A Little Light Mischief (Turner Series #3.5) by Cat Sebastian

This story can be read without the others in the Turner Series, though I highly recommend them. It also shows how women have both more and less freedom to choose their paths in life during this time period. Molly and Alice are both trapped by financial circumstances, but their ability to share a room isContinue reading “Review: A Little Light Mischief (Turner Series #3.5) by Cat Sebastian”

Review: Hither, Page (Page & Sommers #1) by Cat Sebastian

This short novel was perfect for a summer night escape. It included so many things that I love in a story, such as mysterious small-town murder, morally gray characters, and good representations of mental illness (in this case, post-traumatic stress disorder). On their own, Page and Sommers were both characters that I loved getting toContinue reading “Review: Hither, Page (Page & Sommers #1) by Cat Sebastian”

Review: A Duke in Disguise (Regency Impostors #2) by Cat Sebastian

It’s hard to distill this book into a short review, because it was chock full of elements I loved with surprising moments at every turn. Sebastian is fantastic at creating characters that go against expectations, either the reader’s or for their position in society. Verity and Ash follow the “friends to lovers” journey, but theContinue reading “Review: A Duke in Disguise (Regency Impostors #2) by Cat Sebastian”

Review: Proper English (Think of England #0.5) by K.J. Charles

I will happily read pages and pages of characters in a historical novel interact at a house party. Bonus points if half of them don’t like each other, the other half like each other a bit too much, and at least one person is outright rude. I enjoyed myself so much, following the point ofContinue reading “Review: Proper English (Think of England #0.5) by K.J. Charles”

Review: “A Lord to Love” by Sara Dobie Bauer

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I read a much earlier draft of this story, but it was just as much of a pleasure to read the final product a second time around. Bauer features the best of both worlds here: despite this being aContinue reading “Review: “A Lord to Love” by Sara Dobie Bauer”

Review: The Horse Mistress: Book 3 (Eburosi Chronicles #3) by R.A. Steffan

When their rock shatters, Carivel and Senovo have to work together to put Andoc back together again. Their relationship arc goes through another set of trials, just enough to make a reader worried while also keeping faith that everything will work out for the best. The world of Eburosi grows again when the characters travelContinue reading “Review: The Horse Mistress: Book 3 (Eburosi Chronicles #3) by R.A. Steffan”