Beck and CallI think it’s a testament to how engrossing I found this book that I didn’t realize the title was a play on two of the main characters’ names until over halfway through reading the story.

I read this book on the recommendation of a blogger that I enjoy who talks about her romance pet peeves. In this particular case, Beck & Call was held up as an example of how to do a romantic threesome the right way. This isn’t even the case of a couple opening their relationship and falling for the third together. Instead, each character tracks a steady arc of developing feelings for the other two, which was a journey I enjoyed thoroughly. 

I also appreciated how there was nary a “meet-cute” in sight. Instead, this is the story of friends turned to lovers, with a healthy dose of industrial espionage gone wrong — and then completely right. The external plot never felt shoved in. Instead, everything that happened developed just as naturally as the relationship itself.

As individual characters, Mia was a bit too perfect. Jake and Damien each had pasts that created complex, three-dimensional characters (even though Damien is only 29, he “read” as much older). At 22, I might have wanted Mia to match up to the men a bit more, but I acknowledge that aging her would have removed some of the elements that made the plot and character chemistry possible.

The fantastical elements of this novel, the night club and sex club, might not have rung true when everything else about the story was so rooted in reality. Yet just like the explanation for Mia’s extraordinary memory, I was swept along and enjoyed the ride. After all, aren’t romances just as fantastical, in the end, as anything that involves magic or other worlds?

My biggest nit-pick about this novel is that it could have used another sweep by a copy editor. But it’s not THAT big, because I already have the sequel queued up on the Kindle.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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