Billionaire Bad Boys Club

So much for taking a break from the romance and erotica books! This read (and probably the subsequent reads in the series) was inspired by a blog post by author Cara McKinnon, where she discussed how one of her romance pet peeves is three-way relationships where there’s only a real relationship between two of the people. She mentioned this series, and I had to find out how this book measured up.

Per the idea that a proper three-way relationship should include three real and distinct relationships, this book mostly works. In each relationship, the friends (or acquaintances) to lovers is incredibly quick. This could be a point against it, but Holly writes each character so well that the connection between each of them is immediately obvious, and you can’t help but cheer once the kissing starts. 

On the other hand, the potential soulmates falling *in* love so quickly had me raising my eyebrows a bit. This is where it got a touch too sappy, when I would have been content with the promise of Happily For Now instead of Happily Ever After.

Though it includes plenty of plot and character development, this book was also heavy on the erotica. Balancing two people in a sex scene is difficult; three people seems ridiculous. Holly does an excellent job with deft point of view, reaching deeply into each of her characters despite only being in the head (narration) of one at a time.

The external plot/conflict was relevant to the characters and had a great slow build, but the climactic scene felt a bit rushed (probably so the characters could get back to the sexy bits). It also didn’t necessarily touch on one of the characters, even if she was affected by the drama. On the other hand, despite two of the threesome being billionaires, it showed nicely that money can’t make all problems disappear.

I’d happily read more of these characters facing the world together. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in this series.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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