Outside the LinesDisclaimer: I am friends with the author of this novel; however, I purchased the ebook for full price.

My metric for how I view a good romance novel has turned into whether the interpersonal relationships are occurring between mature adults. I don’t have time for whiny teenage angst produced by characters in their twenties, thirties, or beyond. This novel succeeds in this goal, and even the necessary miscommunication necessary for a romance plot was realistic rather than over(melo)dramatic. In short, I loved this book. 

This story was a great spin on “happily ever after,” because it wasn’t just Ian and Simon who needed to ride off into the sunset together. Lydia doesn’t get lost in the weeds, relegated to supportive wife in polyamorous relationship just helping get her husband laid. Character development also occurs between Ian and Lydia, which was necessary to the very satisfying subplot that ties a lot of things together at the end.

Though anyone would be hesitant about jumping into a series at book 22, I had no problem picking up on the important points while making my way through the story. I’ve already purchased book 1 to start at the beginning, and I’m wondering how much of my vision of the television show filmed in Bluewater Bay as a mixture between Supernatural and Lost Girl will come true!

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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