Build Report: 2017 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Ghost FalconI honestly can’t remember the last time I had an advent calendar as a kid. I have vague memories of the ones with cheap chocolate in middle school, which is when my littlest sister was a toddler.

Now that I’m an adult, for various definitions of the word, it was time to start the tradition anew!

2017 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184)

I’m not going to talk about each day’s present. There are plenty of more hardcore Lego blogs out there for that. Instead, here’s a quick summary with pics, in no particular order. 


Sabine Wren (Rebels), Major Brance (The Force Awakens deleted scene), First Order Stormtrooper, Unkar’s Thug (The Force Awakens), First Order Snowtrooper, Imperial Officer, Imperial Ground Crew (Rogue One), and seasonal BB-8.



Ghost (Rebels), Phantom (Rebels), Atmospheric Assault Lander (also known as the First Order Transporter), Rey’s Speeder (The Force Awakens), Millennium Falcon, Light Infantry Utility Vehicle (also known as the First Order Snowspeeder), Director Krennic’s Delta-class T-3c shuttle (Rogue One), BTL Y-wing Starfighter, TIE Striker (Rogue One), and Imperial TX-225 GAVw combat assault tank (Rogue One/Rebels).



Mounted blaster cannon, weapons rack, luggabeast (The Force Awakens), First Order snowblower (which cracks me up), Imperial AT-ST (Rogue One), and rocket-propelled sled with gifts.


My favorites are easily the Ghost and Millennium Falcon, seen at the very top of this post! I’m also thrilled to finally have a Sabine Wren minifig, because she’s my favorite Star Wars character.

I’m happy to report that my Christmas gifts included new Lego sets! My little sister got me the Star Wars Arrowhead and the small red London bus! Look for build reports for each of those soon.

Unfortunately, my grand plan to work on the SHIELD helicarrier over the holidays changed to building the French Restaurant instead, due to space issues in my guest room. I’m having a blast anyway, because of the intricate detail and adorable surprises.

Did you get any Lego sets for Christmas? Which ones?

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