The Reluctant Master”

Steel Empires #0.5
J.L. Gribble

Decades before the events of the Steel Empires series, Victory and Mikelos both have reason to leave their previous lives. Victory, by choice, to support the dreams of her family. Mikelos, by fate, after he loses everyone whom he holds dear. They choose Limani, a city across the ocean, for their fresh beginnings.

Their paths are not about to intersect. They are about to crash.


Keep reading after “The Reluctant Master” for an extended teaser of Steel Victory (Steel Empires #1).

Note: This 8k stand-alone short story is set before the Steel Empires urban fantasy/alternate history series. Though this story leans toward paranormal romance, the “master” in the title refers to the urban fantasy vampire trope, not a power exchange dynamic.

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