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This book made me realize why I don’t usually go in for mafia romances – because often, the characters in those don’t realize that they are clichés. Here, Fox makes all of her mobsters (and her billionaires) extremely self-aware of the roles they play and allows her characters to lean into the absurdity of their positions in life. This is typical of Fox’s brand of humor in her writing but also makes the characters in this series more accessible to readers who do not have any experience with either the mobster or billionaire lifestyle, without sacrificing any of the escapism elements that make the tropes appealing.

The dance between Luca and Ford has attracted me (pun intended) since book 1 due to the opposites-attract nature of their potential dynamic. Despite what we know about both characters so far, Fox still managed to surprise me once we’re inside their actual narratives. If anything, I found Luca even more adorable than Ford! I especially adored how Fox employs elements we often see in shifter romances whenever Luca refers to his “inner mobster.” Cute, yes, but also a subtle reminder that he is trying to be so much more than the life for which his father attempted to groom him.

Luckily, Ford is equally attracted to both Luca and Luca’s inner mobster. Fox goes all in on the swoon factor in this particular murder swoon romance, on both Ford’s and Luca’s parts. Don’t worry, the murder element is also present in this book, but one is much more detailed than the other. Both are equally entertaining; the swoon just happens to be a lot spicier. Fox sneaks an epic plot twist amongst all the flirting, which kept me on my toes and elevated the overall stakes of the story.

As usual, we also get glimpses of previous happily ever afters with characters in this interconnected romance series, along with subtle development of the relationship in the forthcoming novel. Hopper and his RICO agent have been the overall tease of the series for me, and Fox sets up their story amid Luca and Ford’s relationship arc. Of course, she also teases a few other tempting background love stories, and she should know by now that her readers don’t let her forget these things.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this novel from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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