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If books 1 and 2 in this series focus on conflicts that affect David and Connor, the biggest plot element for book 3 surrounds Trajan. Things have been tense with his vampire maker since the very beginning of these stories, but Betancourt’s order at the end of Tested kicked off the break Trajan had probably needed for some time. Trajan has chosen his priorities in his (un)life, and they include Connor and David. So, while Betancourt whispers in Trajan’s mind to kill Connor, Trajan does everything possible to resist – even when it means leaving his lovers behind and turning to the suspect help of other vampires.

On top of that, elements of the previous major conflicts remain in play. Unexpected complications arise over how David developed new bonds with Connor and Trajan to maintain his sanity after being expelled from his original werewolf pack. Connor also remains on the hunt for an elven princess, nudged along by two opposing factions. This latter issue seems to tie back to Betancourt and why he wants Connor dead. Rancourt balances these multiple layers of conflict in a way that is accessible to readers without sacrificing drama and intrigue.

Though they are working together better than ever before, things are not 100 percent settled between this trio. Despite multiple battles for their very lives in this book, one of the major dark moments arises from Connor’s gut reaction to a decision Trajan makes. It is subtle but striking and easily could have spelled the end of this unconventional romance. Instead, I loved how Rancourt allows the characters to acknowledge the conflict even as they stick together because of their love and commitment to each other and to David. My fear was never really that this trio would fall apart – there’s plenty at stake to worry about whether the entire trio survives to the last page.

This book concludes many of the main storylines set up in the first installment of this series. However, while I know these three men are solid, Rancourt has left plenty of room to return to their world and accompany them on further adventures. I would be happy to return.

Disclaimer: I received an electronic review copy of this novel from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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