When you wake up strangely early on the weekend, the only thing to do is burn through a good book. This low-angst romance provided all the warm fuzzies necessary to get me through the rest of the day, and I can only hope that if I’m ever (metaphorically) lost in the woods that bears as sweet as Julian and Michael adopt me. They don’t adopt Jim so much as matter-of-factly seduce him, but what starts as a few weeks of fun for all involved surprises exactly no one except the three main characters when it evolves into something more.

The inevitable sexy times were sweet and fun, but what I enjoyed most about this book was how Jim realizes that not all relationships are the trash fires he assumes them to be. Michael and Julian might present as the perfect couple, but even they have ghosts in their past. Jim isn’t there to “fix” anything in their relationship or replace said ghost, but sometimes three can fill in all the cracks better than two can. If everyone is happy and honest with each other, what’s the harm in that?

If you’re looking for a poly romance with just the right dose of sweet and spicy with an extra helping of holiday cheer, look no further. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read by Wells, and this book is no exception.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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