Most Wanted (Book 3)

I adore this series and author, so I gleefully re-read the first two books right before starting this one on its release day. It more than lived up to its predecessors while further exploring the Guardians’ work and showing the bonds that exist between the original members and their new teammates. Thane carries a lot of baggage that he suppresses while second-in-command of this vigilante organization, but reconnecting with his new logistics officer, who happens to be an old flame, brings it all crashing back to the surface.

Both he and Ronan are potentially older and wiser now, especially as Ronan embarks on this career change and Thane’s family situation has evolved. Despite what either man thinks might be best, they continue to crash together thanks to their unmistakable chemistry. However, neither is interested in making the same mistakes as before. Thus, Fox leans delightfully into my favorite “idiots in love” trope as Ronan and Thane don’t do the best job communicating their feelings.

Meanwhile, the team’s work has continued, but to various adverse outcomes as they attempt to figure out exactly how tainted information from their multiple sources might be. They manage to save lives but at the potential cost to this newfound relationship—luckily, Ronan is as badass in his own way as Thane, which was almost as much fun to read about as the various sexy shenanigans the pair gets up to throughout the book.

Fox drops excellent hints about her next pairing through the course of this book, and once again, I can’t wait for the next release in this excellent series.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

Deep Impact (Book 4)

I’m low-key obsessed with Fox’s books, and I was both incredibly excited to read this book while also sad that it’s the final in this series. However, Fox gives us both the romance she’s been teasing for ages, between Odd and DB, and wraps up the external conflict that has wound its way through every installment of this series. Though the primary focus is between the main relationship, every familiar character makes an appearance and gets time to shine. (Yes, this includes Anders F—ing Bash, since he is Odd’s twin brother.)

The story opens with Odd and DB finally, it appears, giving in to the inevitable. Except DB has already lived with years of pain (physical, mental, and emotional), and he doesn’t break so easily. Odd may be willing to give into DB’s needs, but that doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. Enter Anders, who basically browbeats both Odd and DB into doing what they need, and if that happens to result in them ending up together, then all for the better, right? (This is probably where Omar sighs heavily.)

Many scenes in this book lean heavily into the hurt/comfort theme advertised on the tin, but it’s never sappy or overdramatic (not even a certain tattoo). These men are still pretty awesome, and even when they’re watching from the sidelines, Fox infuses plenty of drama and intensity to her conflicts.

The wrap-up for all the characters is pretty perfect, and this book made for a satisfying read on multiple levels. I love the way Fox’s series blend into each other, so I know I’ll probably get glimpses of everyone’s favorites in her next project.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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