For touching on so many stressful subjects, this was a remarkably low-angst book. I was immediately intrigued by Drew and Bas’ dynamic, even before the first time they appear on page together. The sparks between Drew and Ezra were also blatant, and I knew I had to find out how these three characters finally came together, first as friends and then potentially as more.

—Skip the next paragraph to avoid a major character detail that could be construed as a spoiler—

I try to avoid spoilers in my reviews as much as possible, but I can’t let the opportunity to applaud diversity slip through my fingers. Bas is an asexual but not aromantic character, and he and Drew have danced around each other for literally decades. Both have sought sexual and romantic connections elsewhere but hesitated to attempt anything closer to home for fear of losing their precious friendship. Bas being ace is not how this menage romance “works;” however, it potentially contributes to why the dynamic between the three characters evolves the way it does. Regardless, it is lovely to see an ace character treated as an equal to a relationship rather than an element the other characters have to “make up” for.

Okay, spoilers over. I originally expected significantly more angst regarding Ezra becoming part of Drew and Bas’ lives due to unequal financial situations. Instead, I loved how the stability of a home allowed Ezra to thrive as a character and be better able to support the rough patches that cropped up between Bas and Drew as they navigated a shift in their relationship. The dark moment is only tragic in that I pitied secondary characters for their loss more than the main characters. The epilogue of the promised happily ever after was incredibly satisfying, and I’d love to peek on these characters again someday. I’m pleased that I took a chance on this new-to-me author based on seeing this book promoted in social media groups.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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