I had so much fun with the first book in this series that I immediately pounced on the second installment the day it was available. Jonah and Caspian from the previous book make appearances as appropriate, but the focus here is very much on Madigan and Azrael. This isn’t an enemies-to-lovers story because these two men elevate hate-sex to an art form while they are definitely still in the enemy stage. However, the “lovers” bit, with all accompanying relevant emotions, comes as a delightful surprise to two men who are used to living on their own terms. Isn’t half the fun of these books watching two characters realize how stupid for each other they are? Overall, this book is an entertaining ride throughout the heroes’ attempts to dismantle a global human trafficking ring. While occasionally attempting to stab each other. (Except in their case, even the stabbiness is very much flirting.)

Make no mistake, Madigan and Azrael are not nice guys. They kill people for a living. It’s clear from the beginning of the book that not only are they good at their jobs, but they also enjoy them. Heed the trigger warnings because the sexy bits are occasionally slightly terrifying (while still being terribly sexy). Az is an incredible tease, Madi is too stubborn for words. Together, they…create crime, honestly. Lots of crime.

This book contains all the fun action and heist-like activity a reader might expect from a book starring two assassins who know how to get things done. Even the non-sexy games they play with each other are delicious and intriguing. Start this book for the sexy, delightful characters—stay for the most awkward and hilarious couples therapy session you’ll ever read.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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