February is already a short month, and being productive made it feel even shorter. Or maybe that was the old-fashioned cold that laid me up for a week of it. Major changes lately include settling into my new multi-computer setup for officially working from home full-time, setting up the new mattress and bed frame that give the cats even more space to take up, and figuring out how to read my Kindle while on the elliptical. These things mean more productivity, better sleep, and even more reading than before (and I guess being healthy).

On the reading front: Despite condensing blog posts into reviews of full series rather than individual books, I’m still reading enough that I’m scheduled out pretty far (as of right now, through the first third of May). Therefore, I’ve started limiting what I’ll be reviewing here on the blog. Everything will always get at least a short paragraph on Goodreads, so friend me there if you don’t want to miss out on anything!

On the outside of my house front, the spouse received his Covid-19 vaccine through the military, which makes me feel a million times better about him working full-time at his base. Other than that, there is really nothing much going on outside my house, so it’s a good thing I’m an indoor cat.

If you’ve ever wondered about my writing/editing/gaming environment, check out the new setup! My brand-new desk, featuring my work laptop, my personal tablet, and gaming PC (not shown underneath). For moral support of my major task, always in sight (see lower right of picture), I’ve got a TARDIS, my labrys, and a picture of the squad.

Look, I cleaned up my office for you so you can see the rest of it, too! That chair is where I spend a lot of time reading, covered by the TARDIS blanket and usually two or three cats. The blue cabinet holds my convention kit of promo material and extra book stock, and the bookshelf holds my craft books, gaming books, and the physical to-be-read pile. (Alex-cat shown for scale.)

And since I know you’re dying for me to answer this question: As of current count, the office holds 16 TARDISes.

February Wrap-Up

  • This is really the first time I’ve tried to edit a previous project while also adding words to the current project. It turns out that my brain doesn’t work that way. Between this revelation and the above-mentioned cold, I put Steel Legacy on hold with no regrets.
  • I did, however, finish the necessary line edits to Steel Justice and submit it to my editor for layout! I know the cover art is in progress, and I’m so happy that this project is coming together for release in summer 2021.
  • One of the highlights of the month was definitely attending virtual panels for Farpoint 2021! You can read my con report here. Did I manage to mention The Old Guard in every panel? You’ll have to join me for my next virtual convention to find out.

March Goals

  1. Add 10k to 15k words to the first draft of Steel Legacy!
  2. Write the back cover description and acknowledgements text for Steel Justice and get them to my editor.
  3. I have theme songs for my books and characters on my website, but I’ve been considering putting together actual play lists. So, I’ll leave this random thought here and see whether it actually coalesces into a completed goal next month.

In Case You Missed It

On the Website

Book Reviews

  • Door of Bruises (Thornchapel #4) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • Wrecked: Guardians Series by Kelly Fox
    • Hard Target (#1) (5 stars)
    • Full Contact (#2) (5 stars)
  • Four Mercenaries Series by K.A. Merikan
    • Their Bounty (#1) (4.5 stars)
    • Their Obsession (#2) (4 stars)
    • Set Aflame (#2.5) (4 stars)
    • Their Property (#3) (4 stars)
  • Kink Chronicles Series by Luna David & Morningstar Ashley
    • Open Mind (#1) (4 stars)
    • Open Encounters (#2) (4 stars)
    • Open Play (#3) (4 stars)
  • Return To You Series by Rebecca Raine
    • Finding Grey (#1) (5 stars)
    • Becoming Us (#2) (5 stars)
  • Havenwood Series by Riley Hart
    • Giving Chase (#1) (5 stars)
    • Murphy’s Law (#2) (4 stars)
    • Hard Knox (#3) (4 stars)
    • Griff’s Place (#4) (5 stars)
  • Twist of Fate Series by Lucy Lennox & Sloane Kennedy
    • Lost and Found (#1) (4.5 stars)
    • Safe and Sound (#2) (4.5 stars)
    • Body and Soul (#3) (5 stars)
    • Above and Beyond (#4) (5 stars)
  • We Have Till Dawn by Cara Dee (5 stars)
  • On the Market Series by E.M. Lindsey
    • Love Him Free (#1) (4.5 stars)
    • Love Him Breathless (#2) (4.5 stars)
    • Love Him Wild (#3) (5 stars)
    • Love Him Steady (#4) (5 stars)
    • Love Him Desperate (#5) (5 stars)

Hogging my comfy reading spot.

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