This book was another recommendation from a Facebook readers group. I prefer menage romances considered M/M/F rather than M/F/M, in which an equal relationship also exists between the two men rather than both focusing on the woman. In this case, two bisexual men in a gay relationship decide to invite a woman to become part of their lives but use a “sugar daddy” dating app rather than finding someone more organically. I enjoyed both Carl and Rick for their drastically different personalities and the evident love between them. I adored Katie as a character for her strength and independence; I’m always going to appreciate a woman who fights for her dreams, even if some might find her alternative methods distasteful. (I promise there is nothing offensive in this book, only incredibly sexy.)

However, this is a romance novel, so the characters don’t immediately get to ride off into the sunset together (I’m allowed to use that metaphor because Katie is very much a Horse Girl). The immediate wrench in the works is how Carl is already connected to one side of Katie’s family, in combination with how her estranged father manipulates her into working for his company. This puts Katie under Carl’s supervision, but I loved how this was not the cause of the book’s drama. Despite Katie’s young age, both characters are professional and mature about the situation. The involvement of Katie’s half-sister in this aspect of their lives does cause drama that poor Carl has to deal with, but he does his best by both Katie and her father because he cares for both of them. This novel’s external plot’s resolution was satisfying on multiple levels because “happily ever after” doesn’t always have to be specifically about a romantic relationship.

Though I’m not sure I will be jumping into any other Jade West books immediately, this stand-alone novel was enjoyable, engaging, and sexy in all the right ways. Highly recommended for readers in search of solid menage stories, especially if they are current or former Horse People themselves.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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