While this book contains many of the typical elements of an MMF menage romance, it solidified my opinion that the menage stories I most enjoy are those in which each individual relationship evolves and has an arc as much as the overall trio does. In this instance, what starts as a sexy narrative to accompany a random hookup throws all three characters together when both parties to the hookup find themselves working together soon after. There’s no insta-love here: Emily develops friendships (and then more) with Justin and Antonio on individual levels, even aside from the sexy time they spend together as three. Meanwhile, Antonio’s long-time crush on his best friend Justin could verge on clichĂ©, but as their shared history is revealed to the reader, that particular pairing develops naturally as well.

This book also features an excellent blend of how relationship conflict and external conflict can combine and enhance the story’s overall plot. I know barely anything about software engineering and development, but Lindt expresses concepts in layman’s terms that make it clear to the reader what the problems are. However, as sexy as the characters are together, it’s hard to forget the sheer unprofessionalism of everyone hooking up. I wanted them to all get their happily ever after together, but I also rolled my eyes a lot at their antics. Again, Lindt leans on real-world implications to create problems for her characters that they actually deserve, but we still get to cheer for how they find their way out of the holes they dig for themselves.

While I don’t adore everything Lindt writes, she is becoming one of my solid go-to authors for her romances. I encourage readers to give her a shot because chances are high that you’ll find something you’ll like from her extensive catalog.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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