StarstruckThis is an excellent introduction to the Bluewater Bay shared-universe romance series, giving us just enough information about the town of Bluewater Bay and the television show Wolf’s Landing to provide a taste for more. This book also does a great job of showing how major Hollywood stars are human just like anybody else, with very human emotions and relationship problems. 

I instantly adored Levi and Carter, but through no fault of his own, Carter felt very bland in comparison to his counterpart. Carter is a very well-developed and three-dimensional character, but next to Levi’s professional and family drama, I wish there had been a bit more in Carter’s camp to balance the scales.

Some tension was also lacking in the evolution of the relationship because this genre promises a happily ever after. I felt that the final declaration was a bit too telegraphed, and I wish there had been a few more twists and turns in the obstacles presented.

Despite the above criticisms, I devoured this novel and I look forward to reading more installments in the Bluewater Bay series, especially those by this author.

Updated Wolf’s Landing premise theory: Like Forever Knight, but with werewolves.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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