Over the holidays this year, I added to my growing LEGO metropolis (currently reigning supreme atop a bookshelf in my guest room) by constructing the Parisian Restaurant Creator set. I started on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and spent a few hours each day (after my writing was done!) until it was complete on the evening of December 28.

This was a really fun set with lots of intricate detail and cool surprises. Definitely makes me want to get back to Paris. Or at least break out the cheese and champagne here in my kitchen.

Parisian Restaurant (10243) — 2,469 peices

This set was divided into four main steps. With the first set of bags, I constructed the base of the set.

PR base

I found pie and turkey in this kitchen. Definitely needs more vegetables. Also, I think this lady might be much more excited for her wine than his engagement ring.

For the next section, I constructed the walls and base of the first floor.

PR 1st floor

Some delightful architectural details in this section that I particularly liked are the wine bar (okay, I get excited about wine, too), the knife rack in the kitchen, the crawling vines up the back of the building, and the elegant curtains above the dining room tables.

Next, I constructed an upper-level outdoor seating area and a small apartment that the restaurant owner rents out to his hipster little brother.

PR 2nd floor

The owner tried to get guests to sit upstairs by providing complimentary beverages, but the hipster has been known to walk around in the nude while waiting for artistic inspiration to strike. Unexpected nudity tends to put people off their appetites.

Finally, I completed the top level, which features an artist studio under the restaurant roof, and added more greenery to the front patio area.

PR complete

When inspiration strikes, hipster bro races upstairs (hopefully after putting on pants) to work on his abstract art. He’s totally going to make it big one day. You’ll see.

(My theory as to why an artist minifig was not included in this set is because hipster bro also spends a lot of time wandering around town contemplating the meaning of life.)

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