tempestFavorite story: “Harmless as Serpents” by Rosemary Edghill & Rebecca Fox

Perhaps because they are such alien creatures, stories where a point of view character is a Companion always intrigue me. Throw in tantalizing details about the mysterious land of Iftel, the realistic aftereffects of Karse’s religious upheaval, and multiple laugh-out-loud moments, and this was easily the most memorable book in this anthology for me. The story stands alone nicely, but I’d love a follow-up just to meet the Herald who matches Kenisant’s personality.

Story that I want expanded into a novel: “The Ones She Couldn’t Save” by Louisa Swann

This tale worked very well as a standalone story, but it would also be amazing as the inciting incident of the main character’s life. Without giving away too much of the ending, I desperately want to see where Riann goes from here. Does she make it to Valdemar? Is she Chosen to be a Herald, or does her life take a different path? What becomes of the person in her care, and how does that snag effect things? So much potential that I desperately want answers to.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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