March Wrap-Up & April Goals

NYC March 2017

My first time to the Empire State Building!

I’m having one of those awkward moments where I feel like I got absolutely nothing accomplished all month, even though I still managed a lot. Perhaps it’s because everything that did happen was all toward the first 2/3 of the month (such as trips to Ohio for Cleveland ConCoction and New York City for the day job), and for the past week I will gleefully admit to not doing very much at all. Continue reading


Con Report: Cleveland ConCoction 2017

cleveland-concoction-2017-logoThis past weekend I was honored to be invited to return to Cleveland ConCoction! I had such a great time in 2016 that I accepted eagerly. It’s one of my favorite conventions in terms of how authors are treated, by both the con and attendees. I had a great weekend of book sales, catching up with old friends, and meeting new people! Continue reading

Schedule for Cleveland ConCoction 2017


I’m looking forward to returning to Cleveland ConCoction for my second year (March 10-12)! It’s a great mix of literary, media, gaming, and costuming focus, with something for everyone. It’s also my favorite con in terms of they way they are set up to promote authors, with an Author’s Alley where the con sets up it’s own bookshop so authors don’t have to lug their books around all weekend, and where authors can hang out and meet fans during downtime. I was so pleased to be invited back.

Let me know in the comments where you’ll be at this con so I can be sure to say hi! Or, here’s my schedule so you know where to track me down.


  • 12:00 PM: Author Perspectives on Fan Fiction
  • 9:00 PM: What is Urban Fantasy?


  • 12:00 PM: Vampires, Werewolves, and Gods — Rewriting Legends
  • 2:00 PM: Author Showcase — Reading from the Steel Empires series, following by time for signing
  • 9:00 PM: Why Villains Matter


  • 11:00 AM: Post Apocalypse — How Will It End?


Con Report: AWP 2017


Photo credit: Jennifer Barnes; Photo bomb: D. Harlan Wilson

I had a great time yesterday spending the day at the Raw Dog Screaming Press booth at AWP 2017 in Washington, DC. While my official book signing time was from 1-3 PM, I ended up enjoying a full day chatting with people who stopped by, answering questions about the press, and talking about my books and the other excellent stories published by RDSP.

I’d never been to AWP before, and it was a bit…intense. Lots of people, lots of booths, lots to take in. Most of the vendors there were representatives of writing programs and literary journals, so RDSP doesn’t stick like a sore thumb so much as a breath of fresh air for people who are looking for something a little different. Continue reading

Con Report: Cleveland ConCoction 2016

I was excited to be part of the Dog Star Books invasion of Cleveland ConCoction this year, and I’m happy to report that this was one of the best conventions I’ve ever attended. I hadn’t been to a full media (versus strictly literary) convention in a few years and this was a fun way to jump back in the fray. It was also fun to see the great cosplay and mixture of people attending the rest of the convention.


I promise I am not actually a tiny adorable puppy.

As I told as many of the staff as I could, it was hard for me to believe that ConCoction was only in it’s third year. Everything was very well run and I had zero problems as a guest and panelist. I highly recommend ConCoction to everyone in the Ohio area, and even from farther away. Continue reading

Cleveland ConCoction Schedule


Next weekend, March 11-13, I will be at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel for Cleveland ConCoction 2016. Below is my official schedule, but please feel free to say hi anytime. I love meeting new people and talking about our shared passions.

Steel Victory will be available for purchase in Author’s Alley, but I also keep a few copies on hand if you’d rather buy one from me directly (the price is the same either way, so it’s really just a matter of what is convenient for you).


1 PM (Lyra Room): Writing for YA vs Adults: Find out what is different about writing for a young adult audience, what is the same, and how to get started

7 PM (Lyra Room): Publishing Expectations: Ask authors questions that may have been holding you back and discover the expectations of the publishing industry—JL Gribble

8 PM (TBD): Dog Star Books party! We’ll be celebrating the release of Underwater Fistfight by Matt Betts and Starrie by Heidi Ruby Miller. All of the Dog Star and Raw Dog Screaming Press authors will be in attendance with books for sale.


10 AM (Lyra Room): Growing Up Sci-Fi: No matter what generation we are, we all have grown up “sci-fi”, with many of our innovations coming from what was once considered science fiction…

12 PM (Lyra Room): Why Villains Matter: The best and worst of villains. Could we have heroes without them? Discuss your favorite character to hate with our panel of authors


12 PM (Lyra Room): Reading from Steel Victory…or maybe from Steel Magic!

1 PM (Gemini Room): Selling and signing books


We provide…Leverage. (a Convention Guest’s Promise)

ConCoction does have an official harassment policy, which can be found here. Never be afraid or too self-conscious to approach me for any reason, and if someone is bothering you and I’m around, let me know. I may look like a nerd with a funny haircut, but I have experienced my share of harassment at conventions, and I am firmly committed to helping be the change.


Countdown to Cleveland ConCoction!

As the Dog Star Books authors prepare to invade Cleveland ConCoction (March 11-13), our fearless leader* Matt Betts is conducting interviews so that other con attendees can get to know us ahead of time.**

Go here to see my answers to some science-fiction questions*** and be sure to follow Matt’s blog to learn more about the rest of the Dog Star authors as well!


*This a a rotating position in based on location, planetary alignment, and the opinions of our pet cats. Also, it’s hilarious to me that the majority pet in Dog Star author households is of the feline persuasion.

**Forewarned is forearmed.

***I am terrible at following instructions. Please don’t hold that against me.